Business Formulas and You: A Love Story

Nov 27, 2020

Business Formulas and You: A Love Story


Do you hate math? The majority of Americans dislike it to some degree, and some estimates indicate that about 20% of adults actually experience severe math anxiety. What is it that makes us recoil from math the way we might react to finding a dead mouse in the bathtub?

For some of us, it’s simply that our minds aren’t wired for the mathematical arts. We could look at an equation for an hour, but the logic would never be clear. This inability to make the numbers behave as we want them to is frustrating, embarrassing, and maddening. And we obviously don’t like feeling any of those emotions.

Others among us might understand the functions of math better but don’t see their purpose. Why put yourself through the rigors of mathematics if there’s not a substantial payoff? It would seem that math for the sake of math just doesn’t excite most Americans.

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Grant Olsen

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