Feb 24, 2021

Sunrise Product Highlight: Invoicing Management Tools

Many business owners are unfamiliar with creating, sending, and managing invoices. They tend to see invoice management as a tertiary activity within their business and would rather spend their time creating new products or working on their core competencies.

However, invoices are essential to every business because they’re the bills and payment requirements issued to clients.

Sunrise has developed a comprehensive invoice management system to help you send and collect invoices. Learn how this tool can help your business and which key features can benefit you the most.  

Use Our Invoice Management Dashboard

Ditch the Excel spreadsheets and sticky notes reminding you of client invoices and their due dates. You no longer have to update due dates, amounts, and other pieces of information manually in order to stay organized. 

Sunrise’s invoice management system automatically tracks the invoices you send out and provides a clear dashboard for viewing outstanding, paid, and upcoming invoices. 

We use a simple “red, yellow, green” system for reporting on your invoices. Green invoices have been paid and no longer need to concern you. Yellow invoices are approaching their deadlines (which means the client could use a reminder), and red invoices are overdue. We also report how many days a yellow invoice has until it’s due and how late an overdue invoice is. 

By simply glancing at this dashboard, you can quickly and easily see where invoices are in the collections process—giving you the ability to find and act on outstanding invoices. 

Create Professional-Looking Invoices 

Along with our dashboard, Sunrise allows you to create professional invoices that are easy for most accounts payable departments to read and process. With most business practices, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with a new invoice design. Use our basic template and list the products or services you provide along with the quantity and their cost. 

We also offer a variety of customizable templates so you can choose invoices that have your brand colors and logo featured prominently. It’ll look like you hired a professional to design your invoices—when you really just created one in our system within a few minutes. 

Accept Credit Cards and Bank Transfers

As soon as you send an invoice, you want to get paid. You need that cash to grow your business and don’t have time to wait for a check to get processed and travel through the mail.

Even if you do have time, some of your clients might not want to write out checks, instead preferring to pay by credit card (to get rewards points) or to withdraw the funds immediately with a bank transfer. 

With the Sunrise app, you can accept credit card payments and bank transfers. Your customers can pay with our system, and we’ll then record your invoice as paid. This allows you to close your books faster and gain access to the cash you need. 

In some cases, you may be able to get your funds immediately after your customers pay you. Users with a Chase bank account can get same-day deposits, and users with other bank accounts can usually access the funds within 72 hours. 

Set Up Recurring Invoices

The main benefit of using our invoicing tool instead of manually creating and sending bills to clients: you’ll save time and reduce the stress of client management. If you have clients that you keep on retainer or have customers that use your services monthly, take advantage of our system to set up recurring invoices. 

For example, a small business owner might offer pool cleaning and maintenance services for a monthly fee. With recurring invoices, his customers can receive a bill at the start of the month. If a customer cancels or ends their service, he can stop that invoice and offer a refund if necessary. 

These recurring invoices can save you several hours of creating, sending, and tracking payments.  

Access Additional Features With Our Invoicing Tools

At Sunrise, we consistently work with our developers to build new features in order to provide additional value to our customers. As a result, our system has increased its functionality over the years and helped hundreds of business owners to take control of their invoices. 

A few additional features you may enjoy include:

If there’s an essential feature that you’d like for your invoicing services that our company doesn’t have, feel free to reach out to our team and suggest it. 

Test Our Invoicing System for Your Business

If your business is growing to the point where sending out invoices is time-consuming—or downright annoying—check out our free invoicing services to speed up your process. 

Our invoicing tools are available in the Sunrise app’s free self-service model without any hidden features or upsells blocking your access. Our goal: to help small business owners establish their brands and grow. 

If you do need additional services beyond invoice management, consider investing in our paid bookkeeping services. We can track your income and invoices while also categorizing expenses, creating financial documents like P&Ls, and providing assistance to help you gain control of your financial picture.

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