Jan 16, 2021

What Is a Business Consultant?

What is a business? Consultants often know the answer to that question better than just about anyone. That’s because business consultants are experts who have deep knowledge to share with other entrepreneurs.

A business consultant will never be a master of all aspects of the business world. Rather, they have distinct expertise that makes them powerful resources to other businesses. Common areas of expertise include operations, financial strategies, risk and compliance, accounting, advertising and marketing, communications, payroll management, public relations, and human resources.

Given this specificity of skills, it would be ineffective to simply seek out a business consultant if your business needs advice. Rather, you would need to seek out an individual with proven knowledge in the distinct area where you need assistance.

An expert can become a consultant at any point in their career. Some people are drawn to it early in life and decide to focus on consulting full-time. Another common scenario is when entrepreneurs are ready to step away from the day-to-day operations of their business and turn to consulting as a convenient way to enjoy semi-retirement.

Business consulting keeps you on your toes, as there are always new clients to research and challenges to solve. For those who like variety and change, it can be a dream come true. As a consultant, you also avoid the minutiae that makes running a business so grueling while focusing on the more stimulating portions of business. In some ways, it’s like being a grandparent—you can play with your grandkids and share rewarding experiences with them, then pass them off to the parents to handle grunt work like diaper changes and sleep training.

The best consultants certainly have the experience of a wise grandparent combined with the unique ability to teach. They are able to analyze situations and processes, then identify solutions that will bring lasting success. When done right, business consulting is a masterclass in problem-solving.

Strong communication skills are essential, as the world’s best insights are only valuable to a business if they can be understood and implemented. A great business consultant adapts her or his communication styles to match the client. This way, each business can receive important insights in their own unique vernacular and style.

Perhaps you’re thinking that hiring a consultant might be advantageous for your business. So what is a business consultant hiring process? You should start by talking to trusted business owners in your network. Ask fellow entrepreneurs from your industry who they would recommend, then create a shortlist of candidates.

The truth is that just about anyone can call themselves a business consultant. This means there are some unqualified folks out there who would love to be hired. You’ll need to do your due diligence to find the best possible consultant at the best possible rate.

In addition to the recommendations from your network, you can evaluate other online reviews for a business consultant. Scrutinize the consultant’s specific experience and skills to ensure they line up with what you’re seeking. Finally, you can request case studies to see how the consultant approaches their work and the kind of results they deliver.

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Grant Olsen
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