Get more done with Sunrise Plus

With Sunrise Plus, you get all the essentials to make expense management simple, plus additional robust features to manage your capital like a pro.

What's included with Sunrise Plus

Additional Customer Payment Options

Sunrise Plus comes with convenient payment options including Stripe, Square, and Paypal for your customers to choose from so you’re assured you collect payment.

Recurring Invoices & Automatic Payments

Get paid on time, every time when you set up automatic recurring invoices. Enable customers to create automatic bill pay, so you never miss out on a customer paying their bill.

Auto-Categorize Bank Transactions

Reduce time in expense categorization. Our tool will analyze your expenses and help you designate them to their proper accounts.

Lower Payment Processing Fees

Reduce the amount you pay for both ACH & credit card processing fees by a full 1%. We offer one of the lowest fees in the industry, and you save even more with your Sunrise Plus subscription.

Customized Invoices

Enjoy enhancements to how your brand is presented with fully customizable invoices, including your own logo and expanded branding capabilities.

1099 Export Tools

Simplify tax time with 1099 Export Tools. Identify expenses and easily set up your required 1099 vendors prior to filing your taxes.

Unlimited User Accounts and Organizations

Quickly add additional employees to your account so your approved staff can assist you in managing your accounting needs. Plus manage multiple businesses under one account with ease.

Deeper Cash Flow Insights

Dive deeper into your cash flow data. Get more detail into top expenses and revenue sources to help you make the best decisions.