Shop Like a Pro for Bookkeeping Software Options

Apr 21, 2021

Shop Like a Pro for Bookkeeping Software Options


Did you ever watch the old cartoon The Jetsons? Originally made in 1962 (and set 100 years later in 2062), this show prophetically featured lots of inventions that have since become reality. Prime examples include flying cars, jetpacks, smart watches, drones, flat-screen televisions, video calls, tablets, holograms, and 3D printers.

One of the most beloved forms of technology from the show was Rosie, the family’s cleaning robot. She was a bit like an upgraded Roomba, with the ability to clean every inch of the Jetsons’ home. She also helps with the parenting—which hopefully none of us use our Roombas for.

What Rosie did for household cleaning technology is what modern bookkeeping software does for small business owners’ financial management. Think about itthe Jetsons were able to delegate hundreds of daily tasks to Rosie. Because she was specially designed to handle these tasks, she carried them out with absolute precision.

With Rosie carrying the burden of the daily household tasks, the Jetsons were able to use their time in more effective ways. They could work on other projects, focus on solving problems, or enjoy a well-earned trip to the beach, knowing that the work was still being done while they were away.

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